Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got lucky. Just as the poetry/lyrics I'd been writing became inadequate in the expression of new feelings, I was introduced to two wonderful books of poetry. The first was actually a radical re-introduction to the poetry of the Old Testament (The Psalms, Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, etc). The second was "The Dream of the Poem", which is a book of Hebrew poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain, from around the turn of the 1st Century, translated into English by Peter Cole. Everything is changing for me, and those two books have singlehandedly (doublehandedly?) made it possible for my music to keep up with that change. Here's part of a song I'm working on:

My facial features, 
my dusty mannerisms, with
the emotional space I 
never understood
have been shaken, 
oil and
that never
Alloyed, ancestral 
sense abandoned, 
     I clothe myself 
in rainfall.

This is constantly changing as I write and modify the song. Still, it's a good example of what I see as a kind of mixture of the more narrative stuff I used to write and the really heavily image-based stuff I've been writing for the past year-ish. 
It's an uneasy, dramatic, confused, chaotic, uncontrollable, skittish, and very personal exploration. 
I'm standing near a line I remember drawing, safely, from the other side.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giant Drums and Heavy Hearts

I think the best way to give an update on my life right now is to post the first couple verses of a song I'm working on right now:

I'm melting through my windshield
Up to hills that feel like wax
These giant drums tell heavy hearts
The way to best react

The golden wheat sees summer pass
And bows its head, bereft
It never looked so heavy
As it did the day we left

One more thing. Irish folk singer Dougie MacLean is a childhood hero of mine, musically.
Here's why: