Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matteo disturbing the peace.

Or possibly adding to it, if you think hearing live folk music on your doorstep in the 
afternoon sounds peaceful.

Matteo from Jake Larsen on Vimeo.

Matteo || Part 2 || from Jake Larsen on Vimeo.

You can watch them bigger and read a little bit about the experience here.

This was really fun to do. We were looking for an elderly Chinese man that Chip and Brinn know (apparently not that well), but he was no longer living at the address we had for him. Instead, by a truly weird coincidence, we were greeted by a young guy from China that was equally excited about the instruments and willing to hear us play a couple songs, and we even attracted a few passers-by.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Sometimes a song or an artist that's been a part of my root system since I was a small child will unearth itself in a new light, wonderfully and inexplicably, as if it can feel that I need it in that new capacity. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, and especially this performance of it, is at the moment revitalizing some long-forgotten foundational roots, and helping me dig myself in for the coming midsummer thunderstorms.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
It's getting to the point
Where I'm no fun anymore
I am sorry
Sometimes it hurts so badly
I must cry out loud
I am lonely
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
And you make it hard.

Remember what we've said and done and felt
About each other
Oh babe, have mercy
Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now
I am not dreaming.
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
You make it hard.

Tearing yourself away from me now
You are free and I am crying
This does not mean I don't love you
I do, that's forever,
Yes and for always
I am yours, you are mine
You are what you are
You make it hard.

Something inside is telling me that
I've got your secret.
Are you still listening?
Fear is the lock, and laughter the key to your heart
And I love you.
I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are
You make it hard
And you make it hard.

Friday evening, Sunday in the afternoon
What have you got to lose?
Tuesday morning, please be gone I'm tired of you.
What have you got to lose?
Can I tell it like it is? (Help me I'm suffering)
Listen to me baby.
It's my heart that's a suffering (Help me I'm dying)
It's a dying, that's what I have to lose
I've got an answer
I'm going to fly away
What have I got to lose?
Will you come see me Thursdays and Saturdays?
What have you got to lose?

Chestnut brown canary
Ruby throated sparrow
Sing the song don't be long
Thrill me to the marrow.

Voices of the angels, ring around the moonlight
Asking me, said she's so free
How can you catch the sparrow?

Lacy, lilting, lyric, losing love, lamenting
Change my life, make it right
Be my lady.

Que linda me la traiga Cuba,
La reina de la Mar Caribe.
Cielo sol no tiene sangre allí,
y que triste que no puedo vaya,
Oh va, oh va, va.

(Translation: Oh, what beauty Cuba brings me,
The queen of the Caribbean Sea,
Sunny sky has no blood over there,
And how sad that I cannot go,

Oh go, oh go, go.)
P.S. Get this: Woodstock was CSN's 2nd show, ever. Granted, they were all famous before they got together, so they're seasoned performers, but I still think that's pretty cool. 

Love, Luke.