Monday, June 15, 2009

Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts

1st, This has been the most incredible Salt Lake City spring that I can remember, 
Sunny/warm mornings, 
cool/overcast transition period to: 
Thunder Storm!!
Every day. 
I went on a rainy bike ride up City Creek Canyon yesterday, and I can't say there's a better way I can think of to take advantage of this crazy, wonderful, unexpected, happy June weather.
Which brings me to,

2nd, New Bike!

purdy, ain't she?

3rd, New job. I'm doing assistant studio work for a Jeweler in Park City. last week I spent my time soldering, buffing, cleaning, and casting these:

And these:

(This is a stock image from their website, and it's pretty old. 
The ones I've been making have a sleeker, prettier design.)

It's the most rewarding work I've ever done. I'm really grateful for the opportunity, even though it means driving to Park City three times a week.

4th, prettiest flash game ever. Kudos to the artists that made this little gem. Side note, I'm playing said game and writing this blog while at my other job, which may give some insight into why it's so refreshing to be working with my hands and producing beautiful little things :)

5th, dilemma: U-lock vs. combination lock w/ chain. Any thoughts? I can't seem to make the scales show a decisive winner either way. 

6th, Jessica, I'm copying the format of  your last blog. Also, had a party at my apartment and everyone loved your pinecone. So thanks for both. Hope San Francisco is treating you wonderfully.

7th, New songs in the works, old songs being rediscovered. It's good time for music right now. 

8th, Tentative kickoff of my yet unnamed Summer 2009 Park Concert/Party Series this Wednesday. More details soon.

Love you all


  1. Yay I'm happy to hear from Luke again! I'm glad everyone liked the pinecone! And I'm even happier that you gave a whole number six to me! Davey said, "Hey Jess, Luke posted a blog called everything is beautiful and nothing hurts!" and I was so happy because I say it alllll the time :) San Francisco is wonderful. I need to write a post about it. I love the luke update. Miss you. Oh, u-lock times a million. Love Jessie

  2. I'm glad you like making pretty things in PC. Something very satisfying about creating something tangible.