Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Birthday!

I was wandering through folders of old school stuff,
old pictures, and other miscellany on my computer today,
and I found this.

The lyrics still mean more to me
than they have any right to,
so thanks Bishop Allen :)

I recorded/filmed it last August,
and I did so for the purpose of posting it here,
but somehow it just felt too present to me,
so I backed out.
It was more than I wanted to say right then.

But I'm twenty years old today,
and I feel happy.
I truly love my family,
my supportive, quirky, singing parents
and my two amazing brothers
(coming soon: an amazing sister too!)
I have friends who care about me,
and music that carries me.
I couldn't dream of a better foundation to structure a life around.

My life is good.
Thank you everything.


  1. Did you know this is my all time favorite Bishop Allen song? I listened to it over and over and over again for a couple months this winter. I love your cover. You do well at pulling their song into your style. Great great great. Happy cinco!

  2. for a second i thought your parents were having another child...ha. ohhhh. kimbers-lee. didn't know this song. really nice cover, luke. impressive you can pseudo-solo while playing rhythm at the same time. jealous of that. not going to use another pronoun. ever. no ___ not.

  3. Dear Luke,
    I love you and this. I'm saddened by the fact that I couldn't be there on your birthday, but I will be home in like 2 and a half weeks.
    Prepare thine self.

  4. oodle hoo, quatro de mayo!

  5. this took me home for a moment.

    missing you and all the adventures our friends had.