Monday, November 8, 2010

Weary As We Are

The record has a name! Jan's getting all the artwork figured out, and Simon and I are hard at work on a new website (if it works, it's going to be a pretty little thing).

It's snowing in Salt Lake City today, and I will be soaked and cold when I get home, but I'll make coffee and sit by the window and be truly happy and grateful to have been given the chance, for a moment, to experience my animal physicality, pushing my legs against the wind and through the slush, my breath hot against my scarf, lips, cheeks, fingers burning in my gloves, and to have the earth experience me, a little conglomeration of flesh and water and proteins and language emitting heat as I brace against its cold, emitting CO2 as I run my muscular processes on its icy oxygen, and occasionally emitting songs in the tradition of its birds, whales, humans, crackling rivers, growling volcanos, humming winds. Days like this remind me that we are not so removed from these cycles and traditions as we so often allow ourselves to believe. 

I love you!


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