Saturday, December 11, 2010

"I want to punch him in his stupid face."

I'm doing some research for one of my final papers, and there is a twenty-something woman with dark hair and a small chin standing directly to my right, talking on her cell phone about how much she hates the "pretentious douchebag" on the other side of the coffeeshop who is having a loud (and admittedly rather one-sided) conversation, which is bothering her while she is studying. Such wonderfully thick contradiction.

Neither of them, incidentally, have stupid faces.


  1. I like that you can participate in the dubiousness and annoyance but in a quiet way. Way to not call us all to tell us your fellow patrons are stupid. Go internet! (I wonder at what decibal level other annoyed patrons expressed their annoyance? In bed with their partners, in a whisper, a?)

  2. I bet the person at the table behind me composed a really hilarious tweet about the dumb hippie kid who was blogging about the coffeeshop drama.

  3. Sounds like the first world is one big technological facepalm :)