Sunday, March 8, 2009

Everything has Changed

Music just punched me in the face with the most beautiful gift it could muster for one glorious weekend. 
As if a rebuttal and a re-affirmation of the previous post, Music broke down and rebuilt my understanding of her in two days.

Friday I wrote the Deep Musicality post and then went immediately to the Fictionist show at Velour in Provo.
I had vague expectations of a really good local show, mostly from the video on their website, but I had no idea I would be swept away into the most enthralling psychedelic indie rock I've ever heard. Really, these guys cover everything from Pink Floyd to Cold War Kids like it's nobody's business (their show was actually a lot better than Cold War Kids'...). Their sound is so full and wonderful, so many beautiful, weird noises and so much musicianship. Fantastic bass/drum synergy. Go see them if you ever get the chance.
I went home with a smile, couldn't sleep, hell-bent on making music for the rest of my life, but wanting more than anything to put together a band to create the kind of fullness and richness of sound that Fictionist gets with their six-member ensemble. Until...

Saturday I saw Bobby McFerrin (see last post) at Kingsbury and had every neural circuit in my brain completely re-wired. He is truly one of the great creative innovators of our time. And he does it all by himself, no band, no instruments, just his voice and his body. There is truly nothing like it. I came out of that show with more than a smile on my face. McFerrin burst me open with playfulness.
There is 
in his craft.
I went home and goofed around with my guitar and my voice until about 2 in the morning. And I was so happy.

Look forward to a very different live show coming from me in the future. I owe it to this weekend, and these two groups. I feel like they perfectly combined two diverging musical desires that I've had into a single attainable musical vision. And it feels so good.

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  1. i'm really happy to find your words. i must say i have been blown away by these two facets of musical creation within the last year myself. nice to feel thoughts connect in the abyss of the world wide web and realize it may not be quite as abyss-esque as i imagined. you might find mine if you click on my name.