Sunday, March 22, 2009

Voltron got promoted?

Back in 8th Grade my childhood-friend-turned-not-friends-in-elementary-school-turned-we're-in-the-same-junior-high-school-hooray!-friends-again-friend Michael was up to some classroom mischief as he usually was, drawing comic strips on the backs of worksheets, and single-handedly created Voltron: Dungeon Warrior, a figure who would follow us through the rest of High School. I'm pretty sure between Michael, Phillip, and I, Voltron's name was at the top of more assignments turned in to that establishment than some of the students (Adam...?). 

Anyway, this is just a little post to say that none of us could've ever imagined a greater future for our friend. Voltron is not just a Dungeon Warrior anymore. He is The Defender of the Universe
And also to say that I will be watching this instead of doing any of my homework tonight. Thanks a lot, Alec Baldwin.

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