Monday, February 22, 2010

Just Something I've Been Meaning To Do.

I've consistently had a beard since the summer after my Junior year of High School.
I've been clean-shaven twice since then, both times
over a year ago.
My girlfriend would have been furious, but she's gone now so
Why not? I hear they grow back.

(Thanks to Simon for the before-and-after shots)

Also, I look quite a bit older than I am when I have a beard.
That was the coolest of cool when I was a High School Senior,
But maybe it's time to just look my age for a change.
19, I like you just fine.
I'm trying to be a more honest, open, sincere,
trustworthy, responsible person,
So maybe this is symbolic of that in some stupid way.
I want you to see my face.

Also, I get attached to things easily. I'm cautious and I resist change.
It'd be nice to be different, but sometimes all you can do is accept
That you'll probably never cut your hair short on a whim,
Or move out of your memory-filled,
month-to-month apartment just for fun,
Or kiss someone and say it's just a fling,
It's not serious or meaningful;
In the absence of that, you rejoice in little victories,
You write a new song on a new instrument
That adds depth and texture to the thickly-stained body of memories
In your apartment
And you shave your beard all the way off.


  1. hello, face! goodbye -cial hair.

    my mom let me in on a litte "guess who?" secret early in my formative years.

    if you ask if the person has facial hair, you get to knock down the guys with moustaches AND beards.

    you have completely reversed all guess who odds with the unforseeable razor blade.

  2. What am I supposed to run my fingers through now? You're hair, like some kind of animal??
    But it does look good sir,
    even though you look significantly less Grizzly Adams-esque.

  3. In college I had a teacher who claimed that anything we put on our faces is a mask to hide our true self from others. She said my glasses fell in that category. I said that I wore glasses to see. Needless to say that didn't go over well. Question everything...except college teachers who want you to just believe their paradigm shifting curriculum...

    The fresh look suggests new possibilities...

  4. I really like the change (for changes sake) and really like the way your post evolves into a more emotional explanation. I really love it.

    Also, I fall into the category mentioned by Our Life in Sunny SoCal's professor. I hide behind my glasses and feel very uncomfortable without them. Usually. But if feels so good sometimes to step out apparently boldly and just be me, a very exposed me.

    But I think we've talked about this ten times over :) Just wanted to say it again.

    Happy to see you today.