Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sharpest Sky

Friends, I am so excited and genuinely honored to be playing with Matteo at the Utah Arts Festival this Saturday afternoon. Lots of exciting things are happening for Matteo this summer, but for me, this Arts Festival show is among the most meaningful. It represents a tier of local music that I've never operated from before, and a level of recognition that I think Matteo deserves. I'm happy to be playing with this group, happy that it's warm outside, happy that my life is so full of music and art, happy to have friends who care about me, happy to be reading good books (Refuge by Terry Tempest Williams and Basin and Range by John McPhee, at the moment), happy happy happy. 

Come see us on Saturday, if you can. If not, there will be other chances. I'll keep letting you know.



  1. Love the picture! I'm so excited for this new level of opportunity you are experiencing.

  2. This is so exciting Luke! I remember you always talking about wanting to play at the arts festival! what a dream :) I'm sad to miss it, but good luck and I hope it goes well!!