Thursday, March 18, 2010

And it all amounts to this, my darling

Photo: Simon Williams

Alright, for the none of you that have stayed with me through this weird/long/fragmented essay-like thing that's happened spontaneously over the past four days on this blog, I have a little something for your aural enjoyment. I'm releasing this single, called "Stillness" (After a thematic section of Four Quartets), because in a way, I think that it's my contribution to this discussion about time and heartbreak and healing and circularity and the fullness of humanity. It's among my very favorite songs that I've ever written, so I feel kind of weird giving it to you outside of the context of an album release. All I can say is that the process of recording this, being back in the studio with Simon, has completely energized me. I'll tell you right now that a full-length Luke Williams record will be coming next summer. It's going to be stripped down, much less electric than the Ancient Eyes EP, looser, more raw. So for now, enjoy this little gift, from me to all of you who are so faithfully supportive of me and my musical endeavors.

And with that, I'm off to Missoula, Montana for some much-needed time by myself and with old friends.

I love you,


Luke Williams - Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Tambourine
Simon Williams - Vocals, Sound Engineering, Mixing
Clay Williams - Vocals
Scott Williams - Vocals
Alice Williams - Vocals


Numb, my fingers and toes
Catch me before I sink down under
Trusting the breaststroke
To carry me home
I'm caught in the undertoe

Spinning sand and water
Tumbling I kiss the darkest abyss
Soon will resume,
It comes from the moon

Movement without motion
Stillness containing so much, so soft
So condescending
Such visibility,
So much nothing

I can see for miles and miles
What a beauty, such a vision
Ample stalls can feel so empty
Vastness of a lonely prison, and
Like the winter solstice I'm
All aligned with nothing, nothing,
Frigid blue is all I hear, and it
All amounts to this, my darling


  1. yes, luke. great production on this one. none of the "new" voices/instruments on the second time around sound abrasive...quite the contrary. it feels good to have them there. you and i both know what a feat that is. did i say this already? yes, luke.

  2. So glad you recorded this.

    Sad you feel it.

  3. I'm addicted to this, Luke.
    2:31 when you start into the more percussive string sound leading into your chorus.
    Love it.