Monday, March 15, 2010

Time is a Soothsayer, Supposedly

I want time to tell me those things. Right now. Okay? Isn't that how it works?

What about you, Nick Drake? Can you just tell me? How did you get such an overwhelmingly satisfying response? Time seems pretty cryptic, at least to me.

If time told you all that, then why did you overdose? But we are different people. Maybe that's not what you were looking for. Or maybe time lied to you, and told you the real story later, she felt bad about her dishonesty.

Time is a human construct anyway, isn't she? We created our own prophetess, just like the Greeks created their Gods, their oracles. Humans have always needed them. But the seers at Delphi overdosed too. They didn't like what they saw. Maybe time doesn't either, and maybe that's why she lied to you, Nick. Maybe I just want her to lie to me, too.

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