Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Live Video!

Luke Williams- The Seamstress Live from Dada Factory on Vimeo.

Hey, blog-friends! So, Mr. Davey Davis of the Dada Factory filmed this more than a year ago, and we just got around to releasing it. It's footage from a show where I was playing a lot of the Weary As We Are material for the first time, so i'm playing a different (and sort of awkward) early version of this song. I think it improved a lot by the time it got on the album, but I also think it's fun to watch a song evolve, and I stand behind this performance and the feedback I got afterward as an important part of the development of the thing, musically. Plus, I think the rawness of the live footage and the rawness of this performance are conceptually well-fitted to my vision for Seamstress as a song.

Immense thanks to Davey for putting together this awesome video, and to all the beautiful people who came out to this show and who continue to support my music. If you don't already know about Davey's current adventures in Palestine, I highly encourage you to check out his blog. He's doing great things, that one.

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