Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spoon Animal

A note: I spend an embarrassing amount of time at my computer lab job watching short-form videos that are at times mildly amusing, mostly underwhelming, and don't often make me laugh, as in, really laugh. This one did, for some reason. maybe it's because I wasn't expecting it, the first couple jokes are dumb and predictable, and then it just flies off on a jetpack of its own silliness.

I chuckled, out loud, and this lady looked at me, disgusted. She's annoying anyway, and always needs help with the printer and never thanks me, so I just smiled at her and kept laughing. I'm wearing all black today, which is weird. I wonder if people who met me today think I'm sad.

It occurs to me that this is hardly a reason to update my blog, and that's why I started rambling quasi-lyrically just now. I'm working on a real blog post, I promise. New songs, writings, comics (I started drawing comics). I think it's time to actually use this blog again. See you again soon.

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